Friday, October 29, 2010

as i mentioned earlier in the previous post, i wanted to go to Show Luo's concert. Hence, today in the afternoon, i make an effort to Sg.Wang to purchase the tickets. The concert is organizing by Galaxy Group, and they only held their ticket counter at 2 places. One is at Mid Valley Megamall, and the other one is in at Sg.Wang. Eventually, i did not purchase any =(. it is because i doubt with the total of ticket that i supposed to buy. i should have confirm it with my sister and brother first.

Before that, i had my brunch at my all-time-favourite McDonald. I tried their newly launch Black Pepper Chicken McDeluxe. Frankly speaking, i not really like it compared to the Chicken McDeluxe. It tasted like as if i bought a marinated chicken chop from night market (this is based on my own perception, no offence). I still like the Fillet-o-fish better.

Sg.Wang really change a lot in terms of their shops, car park, etc. I used to go there every weekend during my secondary school life. Nevertheless, i still prefer to go Pavillion. There are a lot shops are opened selling variety of clothes with low price. RM25 storewide.. i managed to grab some clothes back to home though!!

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