Friday, October 29, 2010

as i mentioned earlier in the previous post, i wanted to go to Show Luo's concert. Hence, today in the afternoon, i make an effort to Sg.Wang to purchase the tickets. The concert is organizing by Galaxy Group, and they only held their ticket counter at 2 places. One is at Mid Valley Megamall, and the other one is in at Sg.Wang. Eventually, i did not purchase any =(. it is because i doubt with the total of ticket that i supposed to buy. i should have confirm it with my sister and brother first.

Before that, i had my brunch at my all-time-favourite McDonald. I tried their newly launch Black Pepper Chicken McDeluxe. Frankly speaking, i not really like it compared to the Chicken McDeluxe. It tasted like as if i bought a marinated chicken chop from night market (this is based on my own perception, no offence). I still like the Fillet-o-fish better.

Sg.Wang really change a lot in terms of their shops, car park, etc. I used to go there every weekend during my secondary school life. Nevertheless, i still prefer to go Pavillion. There are a lot shops are opened selling variety of clothes with low price. RM25 storewide.. i managed to grab some clothes back to home though!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

clueless...Show Luo concert

needed to do a proposal and due at the end of the semester. until now, i am still clueless about what to write. have to find a shop, company or whatever not, as long as it is registered whether to help them create a website, or a system. of course it has to function!! argh!!! i need clue to guide me what to do!!!!

between, Show Luo is coming to Malaysia to do concert next year!! cant wait, cant wait!!
i really like him..especially his character in the drama. i cant remember what the drama name is, but i can clearly remember the way he (lin da lang) dances with Rainie panther.. da lang , da lang , da lang da lang...~~~~~~~this drama is highly recommended!!
date: 16 April 2011
venue: Stadium Bukit Jalil
Time: 8.00pm
ticket price: RM388, RM328, RM268, RM228, RM168, RM128, RM88

hope that i can make it!! wish me luck!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


it is sunday!! nothing better to do also, but went for a facial treatment in the afternoon..
3 slices of tuna bread, and a cup of coffee as my brunch today. thats it.. BUT
feeling guilty for eating a lot (obviously not today's brunch) but the last few months, after chatting with the beautician. she is really good in controlling her diet..
my diet plan always failed because the foods are really tempting!! not forgetting about those JUNK food!!! i really love to eat junk food. However, according to her, junk food is bad for skin because its not easy to digest..i might listen to her advise to cut it down, but of course i know ITS IMPOSSIBLE!! lol..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boring Saturday

today, is a very boring Saturday night. I have nothing better to do, except keep watching TVB drama, and re-watch Gossip Girls. thats it. I keep on thinking is there anything better to do? and think a lot of things.Thus, i realize the existence of my long abandoned empty blog.

I need someone to chat with me while waiting for my babyboy to call. he is back to hometown already.

Yesterday, i went to Restoran Goon Wah, which is located at Kuchai Lama for my brunch. This restaurant is famous with their x.o fish head noodle, so-called Claypot Lou Shu Fun, fried rice and many more. I noticed that they are closed on every Saturday and Sunday. this is really weird because customers flow during the weekend is higher compared to weekdays. I ordered the claypot lou shu fun, fried rice, and a 'kam heong yao yu'. They serve with large portion.
this is the lou shu fun. we can fried it when it is served with a little fire underneath.
'kam heong yao yu'. taste good.

then, have tea session at old town, then went for a movie 'The Perfect Wedding".
Lok Yan (Miriam Yeung) was ditched by her fiance on their wedding day. During the next three years she gains fame as a wedding planner for many acclaimed celebrities. One night in a bar, she meets a young attorney, Fung (Raymond Lam) and they spend a passionate night together in a hotel - with no plans to ever meet again. Fate brings them back together at a wedding and their one night stand becomes a debt dispute since Fung's boss owes Yan's company fees for 30 weddings. When Fung's boss runs away, Fung is left to clear the debt and so he starts working for Yan. While working together to organise successful weddings, they face and overcome many challenges and soon their relationship begins to blossom. But love is never simple - especially for Yan whose four close girlfriends do not approve of her relationship with Fung because they think he is young. Yan further complicates the situation by keeping Fung at a distance because of her painful memories of previous failed relationships.


hmmm, i just remembered the existence of this blog, which i have it since April 2008. Today, i just have my initiative to write my first post here, where i supposed to do 2 years back.
literally, I am motivated to start my first post is because i want to keep all my memories alive, whether it is happy or whatever not. No one will knows when Alzheimer visit us. *kidding*